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AFLobby beta 3.9.9-4 experimental

The recent update to 0.76b1 has introduced several protocol changes. One such change that wreaks havoc on the current stable AFLobby is the introduction of two new ranks with make AFLobby crash almost immediately. The other change is the introduction of SETSCRIPTTAGS and the deprecation of UPDATEBATTLEDETAILS. AFLobby and several alpha versions of 3.9.9 […]

AFLobby lobby development

AFLobby Progress

I have been implementing the new protocol specifications, and correcting GUI issues since my last post. Sadly I have not been paying spring as much attention as usual but thats due to University, and impending coursework deadline monopolizing my time among other things.

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Springs Christmas week In Pictures (Part II)

Christmas has passed, and the 0.76 release did not come, but I have it on good authority a release will happen before or on new years day under the best of circumstances. Unabated by the delay of the much anticipated release, content makers have been busying themselves in hopes their frantic typing and screaming will […]

AFLobby Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby 3.9.9+ Progress & Glest

Recently I’ve had a little more time than usual with aflobby. Of note are a slew of bug fixes and glest support. I’ve corrected numerous aesthetic issues, including icons that stretch tabs, and windows that are still undecorated such as the warning window. The bundled Substance has been updated to 4.1 stable, and I’ve made […]

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The new spring mod tags, what they do, and howto use them

All the mods in the installer should have these tags, and as of 0.76b1 the lobbies will have access to them. I personally want to change the list/drop down box mod selector into a much prettier and more useful tool using this, and any old mod not implementing the tags correctly will look plain weird, […]

AFLobby Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby Progress Report

With the recent release of, I’d like to address the immediate future and what i want to do in the next month or two.

AFLobby Spring

AFLobby beta

Rather than go the full hog and do beta 4 and release after xmas, I thought I’d better fix what was wrong here and now and push it out.

Artwork lobby development Spring

TASClient Image work

Having the ugly distorted spring logo on my desktop for a while next to the pretty AFLobby and Spring Lobby icons, I knew I needed to do something about it. So I redid the spring icon, and Satirik adopted the icon, and made a new splash screen to suite.

AFLobby lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 3.9.7

This is a bug fix stability patch, however its highly reccomended.

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Bug Tracker

After a few failed attempts at installing Trac, I have installed mantis on my webspace, and twiddled it a bit here and there!