TA3D Hosting and New Release

The people at the TA3D project have moved from their old sourceforge hosting, and are now hosted on this server at . They’ve also released 0.4.1 RC1, complete with the new AI code and bugfixes. You can see more over at their website or in this video:

AFLobby lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 3.9.7

This is a bug fix stability patch, however its highly reccomended.

AFLobby lobby development

AFLobby beta 3.9.6

Here is a new AFLobby release! My treks into linux land with ubuntu 7.04, have yielded great improvements in AFLobbies overall stability and usability. Lots of new things have been added fixed and tweaked since beta 3.5, and this is by far one of the best AFLobby releases by far.