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The Spring Delusion Part 1

Recently I bought a lot of books written by Richard Dawkins. I have already read The God Delusion, and seen the 2 documentaries that make up The Root of All Evil, shown on Channel 4 a few years ago.


Facebook Hurrah!

An old friends from secondary school has been pestering people with the word ‘facebook‘ and one by one I’ve watched all my old friends succumb to it. I’ve always wondered why I would ever bother with social networking sites like myspace or bebo, especially when the revelation that of all in my family only my […]


Clunky Antistall algorithms in Spring AI

Antistall is problematic. In order to prevent an AIs economy hitting rock bottom through overspending, or wasting resources by not spending enough and maxing out storage, antistallguides an AIs behaviour by saying what it can and can’t afford.